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5 Spec E30 drivers

August 21, 2007

Update to for the Bimmerparts/Zygmunt Motors Spec E30 Mid Atlantic Sponsorship

As you all know Bimmerparts/Zygmunt Motors is sponsoring the 2007 Mid Atlantic Spec E30 series. Not only have they offered discounts to the Spec E30 drivers but they now have been kind enough to offer season ending cash prizes to five drivers. The prize breakdown is as follows:

2007 NASA Mid Atlantic Spec E30

  • Champion $800
  • Second $600
  • Third $400

$200 each will be awarded randomly to two drivers that have completed 1 more than 50% of the races offered by NASA Mid Atlantic in 2007. For example, there were 14 races offered in 2007 so the drivers eligible for the random prizes must have points in a minimum of 8 races.

A huge thanks goes out to Bimmerparts/Zygmunt for their continued support of NASA Mid Atlantic and Spec E30


June 5, 2007

NASA Mid Atlantic is extremely pleased to announce that Bimmerparts, a long time supplier of BMW parts and division of Zygmunt Motors, has signed on as a sponsor of the Spec E30 series for the remainder of the NASA Mid Atlantic 2007 season. ‘Bimmerparts is great to work with. They know BMWs inside and out. They are based out of Eastern Pa. and have worked on BMWs since the 1970s. They are a very strong supporter of anyone racing a BMW and are BMW enthusiasts themselves. They are flexible, honest and just plain great to work with. I cannot say enough good things about Bimmerparts.” Said Mid Atlantic Regional Director, Chris Cobetto.

“For us it is a natural addition to the Zygmunt Motors/Bimmerparts family. Spec E30 and the NASA Mid Atlantic Region, in general have shown tremendous growth. We love to participate as drivers in the events, and it is pretty apparent that we are not the only ones having fun with (Chris) Cobetto and the whole Mid Atlantic family. Carter Hunt, Spec E30 Mid Atlantic leader, has done a great job growing Spec E30 and we love the excitement that surrounds the series.’ Said Bimmerparts owner, Chris Muzylowski.

The sponsorship will include two important facets:

There will be a cash payout based upon championship points that will be distributed at the conclusion of the 2007 season. While the Champion, 2nd place and third place finishers will all receive cash payouts NASA Mid Atlantic and Bimmerparts feel it VERY important that all drivers have an opportunity to win a cash prize so a raffle will be held for those that, at season’s end, finish fourth or greater as long as that driver has participated in a minimum of half of the races offered by the NASA Mid-Atlantic Region.

Bimmerparts will also extend special pricing to all NASA Mid Atlantic Spec E30 drivers of 5% above cost on products for their E30s. Shipping will be additional but if you are close to them you can pick up your parts without shipping costs included.

Starting at HyperFest on June 23, 2007, all Spec E30 drivers will be REQUIRED to display a Bimmerparts windshield banner on the top of the front windshield during all races. Banners will be supplied by Bimmerparts. For stickers, parts or questions please contact Chris Muzylowski at or at 215-348-3121.



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