Contact Us

Membership Issues: National Office / 510-232-NASA / email National

Regional Director: Chris Cobetto / 804-883-7669 / email Chris

Operations Director: Laura Cobetto / 804-833-1720 / email Laura

Registration: Laura Cobetto / 804-833-1720 / email Laura

Chief of Tech Inspection: Richard Mitchum / email Richard

Chief of Timing & Scoring: Jason Stanford / email Jason

Flag & Comm, Control: Diana Robinson / email Diana

Race Director, Operations: Jay Langston / email Jay

Race Director, Compliance: Jeff Hall / email Jeff H

Race Series Director: Xavier Calderon / email X

Chief of Instruction: Jack McAfee / email Jack

Chief Instructor: Jeff Curtis / email Jeff C

Competition Licensing: Beth Dunnivant / email Beth

Emergency Services, Lap Records & Points: Don Aston / email Don

Time Trial, Fall Finale, Autocross, Kart Enduros: Jon Felton / email Jon

Series Leaders

Spec E30: Andrew Zimmermann / email Andrew

Spec 3: Jon McAvoy / email Jon

American Iron: Jimmy Bost / email Jimmy

German Touring Series: Eric Wong / email Wonger

Camaro-Mustang Challenge: Kent Lydic / email Kent

Spec Z: Devin Cazin / email Devin

American Iron Vintage: Lee & Robin Buckner / email Lee & Robin

Spec Miata and SSM: Adam Molaver / email Adam

Performance Touring: Xavier Calderon / email X

Honda Challenge: Kevin Helms / email Kevin (coming soon)

Mailing Address

14461 Cedar Creek Farm Lane, Montpelier VA 23192